Dark Horse Mounted Archers promoting horseback archery

BRIMFIELD, Mass. – Centuries ago horseback archery was used in battle, but it’s now a fast-growing sport. “Horseback Archery was originally founded during medieval times so it was used by warriors and Mongolians,” said Eric Hebert, founder of Dark Horse Mounted Archers. “The Turks, the Eurasian Steppe. So that’s how they fought for land, that’s … Read more

Siouxland student Alise Brockhaus is a world-class archer Siouxland Life

LAWTON, IOWA — Very few people can say they’re one of the absolute best in their nation at something. But when it comes to archery, 18-year-old Alise Brockhaus can make the claim with total legitimacy. Not that the recent Lawton-Bronson graduate is in the habit of talking herself up a whole lot. Not when her … Read more

Turkish archery courses set to start in South Africa

A Turkish cultural center in South Africa said it will start offering traditional Turkish archery classes in the African country soon. “We sent two South African nationals to Turkey in April this year to study archery and they have now returned. They will teach the sport at our institute,” Abdülaziz Yiğit, director of the Yunus … Read more

Escalade’s Q2 Revenues Decline 5 Percent

Escalade reported sales declined 5.4 percent in the second quarter due to lower demand within the fitness and outdoor categories, including archery and water sports. Second Quarter 2022(compared to the second quarter 2021) Net Sales decreased 5.4 percent to $94.3 million; Organic sales, excluding acquisition contributions, declined 13.0 percent; Gross margin was flat at 25.2 … Read more

Sioux City’s Camp High Hopes offers an array of activities for those with disabilities Local news

Since its founding in 2004, Sioux City’s Camp High Hopes has worked to provide a slew of recreational opportunities for children and adults with diagnosed disabilities. If campers want to shoot a bow and arrow, they have the chance to do so. Maybe they want to go fishing on a lake? Totally doable. Say someone … Read more

Fearless: Lake Union Pathfinder Camporee

A special interview with Lake Union Club Ministry Director Craig Harris. On September 15, nearly 3,000 Pathfinders will converge in Berrien Springs, Michigan for the “Fearless” Lake Union Pathfinder Camporee. The Pathfinder camporee, held every five years at the Berrien County Youth Fairgrounds, is the largest Pathfinder event held by the Lake Union. As event … Read more

Sattva Archery, Amherst Ballet collaborate on workshop

FLORENCE — From an outsider’s perspective, this week’s camp at the Sattva Center for Archery Training was an unexpected mix of two very different activities. But for instructors Madeleine Bonn and SerahRose Bissell, the combination of archery and ballet were a perfect fit. “I come from a performance and movement background myself, and so it … Read more