Afar from Colorado State tennis player with Ukraine copes

First thing every morning, after just a few hours of restless sleep, Anastasiia Kotsyuba tunes in to the online news channels to see what has become of her native Ukraine.

Then she reaches out to her parents or older half-brother by phone, text message or email to check on their well-being. She also checks on the safety of other members of her extended family in Odesa, a port city of more than 1 million that has been targeted by missiles from warships in Russia for more than eight weeks.

While Kotsyuba, 21, is a safe and secure in Fort Collins, an athletic scholarship on tennis at Colorado State University, her family and friends are living under the threat of constant threats from the All-Out Aerial Russian Forces. An estimated 21,000 residents have been killed by Russian forces in the port city of eastern Ukraine, according to recent reports by Reuters and the Associated Press.

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