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ALTHOUGH It was just the first day of the Tennis Family Fun Day for the Turnout and Partnership, which was thrilled by the involvement of their children in their parents’ initiative.

The event was held on Saturday, April 2, at the Atlantis Tennis Center, where parents got to experience some of the first hand drills that their children go through and interact with some friendly noncompetitive pick-up games.

“We just wanted to get all the adults and kids together to have a fun day,” Major Jr said. “It’s awesome when you can get everybody together and they can have some fun.

“Normally they just drop their kids off, but just to see them stay here and have some fun, that’s what it’s all about. So thankful to Atlantis for being a part of their family and helping us create the family that we developed here. ”

Russell Miller, executive vice president of operations at Atlantis, said they are delighted to be able to partner with community events for Island Tennis.

“We have the students come after school during the week and they can and organize it,” he said. “We have been supporting this for many months and we will continue to support it.

“We are just delighted to be able to partner with the youth. It’s amazing how well they hit the ball. They are3 hitting it better than when I was doing it. So we are just happy to be able to partner with Island Tennis. ”

From what he sees, Russell, a former tennis player, is in good hands on the island of tennis.

Afterwards, the older players took time out to entertain a group of young players, including Major Jr and his coaching staff, Kevon Ferguson, O’Neil Mortimer, Iesha Shepherd, Justin Thompson and Mateo Rivas activities of a series.

“This is the first time we’ve ever hosted a Family Fun Day. The response was great, ”Major Jr said. “Just so many kids and parents come out and see them on the court. We hope that we can continue to build on this tennis community we have here. ”

Rivas, a resident of Miami, Florida, who has been in and out of the island assisting island tennis, said he has been helping out with the program, and wants to share his expertise on the court as well.

“I love it. It’s so good to see so many parents and kids playing together and having so much fun, ”he said. “This is what sports is all about. The energy level is high and there are some great coaches here. I think this is a good program that they have here. ”

Mortimer said it was a great experience for everyone, especially for the younger players to try and provide them with an opportunity to grow their parents as well as make it extra special.

“We’re all about developing tennis in the country and more tennis back and further in the dsport like it used to be,” he said. “Some of the parents are out here participating in some nice clean fun.”

Although she admitted that she’s not athletically inclined, Bryinza Russell, the mother of the player Zaire Russell, said when she heard about Family Day she jumped at the opportunity and she didn’t have any regrets.

“It was great. I got a great cardio workout, but it was also a lot of fun exercising, ”she said. “I know a lot of people don’t like exercise but when you mix it up with fun, you actually get a good workout.

“So as you get older, you need to be doing things like this. So I hope this is something that I would like to continue to do for them. I don’t know if I want to do it competitively, but as a form of exercise, I would love to continue doing a lot of fun with it.

With the young players in the cadre of Island Tennis, Mortimer said their asim is now ready to join them in the various tournaments coming up in the Bahamas or overseas.

He noted that the only way they will continue to grow is by sporting a high level of competition and that is what Island Tennis is aiming for.

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