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photo by: Alan Olson

The fence at John Marshall High School’s Monarch Field was damaged on April 17. A Cameron man has been charged in connection with the incident.

MOUNDSVILLE – Marshall County Schools is stepping up security measures at their sports facilities after a man allegedly smashed his vehicle through barriers and drove donuts on the field at Monarch Stadium and on the soccer pitch behind John Marshall High School.

On Easter Sunday, several law enforcement agencies across Marshall County responded to several calls, all linked to the same incident. Around 6:20 pm, Glen Dale police were dispatched to JMHS where a man in a red Chevy was apparently attempting to call a 9-year-old boy over to his truck. The boy’s mother told police they were walking through the parking lot where they saw a man, later identified as Rodney Hillberry, 24 of Cameron, driving across the field recklessly, doing donuts and shouting obscenities out the window. She provided a license number for the truck as he drove away to the north.

Hillberry was stopped going through McMechen, allegedly for going 75 mph in a 50 mph zone. Police said he admitted to having been drinking, but also that he had been smoking methamphetamine as well. The passenger, a woman, was taken home by police. The McMechen officer’s report states that Hillberry claims he was trying to give the 9-year-old money.

During his arrest, Moundsville police were informed that Hillberry allegedly confessed to doing the same alleged acts of vandalism at Monarch Stadium in Moundsville. At the scene, a fence to the shot put field had been destroyed, with tire marks visible across the field. The passenger allegedly admitted to police that she was with Hillberry, and that “they put some ruts in the field.”

Marshall County Schools Facilities Director Mike Price said Thursday that the district would be tightening its security around their facilities. The cost to repair the fields and fencing, Price said, would be around $ 7,000, and the repairs of the fence should be done by the upcoming week. Superintendent Shelby Haines said the repairs will be handled by in-house maintenance staff where possible.

However, Price was looking on the bright side Thursday, noting that while their sports facilities are commonly toured on weekends and open to community walks, the holiday meant that the facilities were not in use while Hillberry was allegedly running amok.

“The blessing was that it was Easter Sunday, because this facility, we have our community walks that we do – we open up the track for people to work out,” Price said. “Think about this guy plowing through the fence, doing donuts, coming back through the fence and peeling out, getting on Route 2 and going to the high school.”

Hillberry was charged with destruction of property and reckless driving by Glen Dale police, and with driving under the influence and speeding by McMechen police. A Moundsville police complaint indicates that Hillberry would be charged with felony destruction of property and leaving the scene of an accident, but as of Friday he has not been charged. Additionally, Hillberry has warrants out for his arrest, according to the Northern Regional Jail. He remains filed in the $ 8,500 bond at the Northern Regional Jail.

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