Dillon’s new naturalist has a passion for the state park

NASHPORT – Naturalist Michael Durst arrived at Dillon State Park in February, but already had a passion for the park.

“Dillon is an incredible park,” he said. The 2,285-acre park and attendant lake has “a mind blowing amount of biodiversity” and an abundance of habitats that provide plenty to see and do for any nature lover.

Durst grew up in the Akron area in an outdoorsy family. He fished with his grandfather on Lake Erie and hiked with his parents. In addition, he worked on his father’s farm.

College took Durst to Columbus, where he studied science and zoology before moving into evolutionary biology and plant pathology.

Still a lover of the great outdoors, Durst enjoys hiking, fishing and what he calls “general wildlife enjoying.” He lives on a small farm near Lancaster, and he said he does much of what he does at work at home. “I enjoy walking around and seeing what I have on the property, comparing and contrasting between what I see at the park and what I see at home.”

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