Does the Ohio State basketball team use the transfer portal too much?

The transfer portal has become a fact of life now in college athletics. Perhaps no other sport has the portal been used more than in college basketball. Chris Holtmann’s Ohio State basketball program has used the portal a lot since he came aboard five years ago.

Ohio State has added two new players to the fray just this offseason because of the portal. It’s a nice way for programs to add players that have experience to the roster immediately. With all of that being said, is Ohio State using the portal too much?

It seems that every time I log onto Twitter, I see news that the Buckeyes are interested in a new transfer portal guy. Obviously, they aren’t going to get all of the guys that they are interested in. Even so, it seems like recruiting has taken a backseat to the transfer portal.

Holtmann has a top-five recruiting class coming in with five guys. It feels like those are the players that the team should be building around, not transfers that haven’t been giving this program any sort of impact. Yet, Holtmann keeps pursuing transfers.

This is a legitimate argument though. If I’m being honest, I think this has been the best crop of transfers Holtmann has brought in since he took over. He’s grabbed two guys that I think can really help this Ohio State basketball team immediately. They are both good players.

With that being said, I’m still afraid of what their actual impact will be based on the history of transfers into the program. Very few of them have made a real, sizable impact. I’m afraid that these guys, and whoever else Holtmann adds this offseason, won’t either.

What do you guys think? Should the Buckeyes keep combing through the portal? Or should they focus more on recruiting?

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