Fight breaks out during basketball game at a Hanford high school

HANFORD, Calif. (KGPE) – Hanford police say several adults could be facing felony charges after a fight broke out at a non-sanctioned high school event over the weekend.

Cell phone video shows one of the multiple fights that officers say broke out at the event held at Sierra Pacific High School.

Officers say they have named one adult who could be facing felony charges, and a possible victim who is a minor.

In the video, a group can be seen walking into the frame from the left side of the court before things quickly escalate.

Suddenly, there’s pushing and shoving, then several people, even some adults, start throwing punches.

“You have people that don’t care about who they’re fighting over– we don’t know what yet. If it’s the game, a rule, a foul, it’s just silly and disturbing, “said Hanford Police Lt. James Lutz. Police say they have now learned that the fight that was captured on camera wasn’t the only brawl that broke out at the game Saturday night.

Lt. Lutz says that another large group started throwing down in the parking lot.

“We’re getting reports that there were multiple people fighting and there’s possible other victims involved as well,” explained Lt. Lutz.

Officials say when they got to the school around 5:00 pm, most of the people involved in the fight had already left.

“There were a couple of witnesses around that they talked to, and they were able to identify a suspect and contact the victim,” said Lt. Lutz.

Lt. Lutz says the adult who was arrested for fighting a minor could face felony child endangerment charges and battery on a child.

“It’s like everyone wants to get it on recording and put it out there when they can easily put their phone away and try to squash it or settle down and break up the fight,” said Lt. Lutz.

Now, Lt. Lutz says with fights this large, it’s going to take some time to identify who did what.

“We’re trying to gather all the information and video footage that we have to identify these people involved to see if there are suspects, victims, or witnesses and they can help us find out what really happened and who started this fight,” he said. Lt. Lutz.

Police say there could be other adults involved who will be facing felony charges as well.

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