Getting Up Close with Husky Spring Football Through Lin’s Lens

Some might say football is football, but University of Washington players will beg to differ. For the past two weeks, they’ve been shown a different way of doing things by Kalen DeBoer’s coaching staff during spring practice.

Everything has to be faster, more precise, accountable.

Through six practices out of 15, the Huskies have scrimmaged some out of view of the media and most practice visitors, but DeBoer said a majority of this spring practice time has been spent teaching his inherited and acquired players how to do their roles a prescribed way .

Had there been no coaching change from Jimmy Lake to DeBoer, this month of spring practice would still have been held with a similar sense of urgency. That’s because whatever the Huskies tried to do last season basically didn’t work, as their 4-8 record dictated. People lost their jobs over multiple system failures.

Rather than give Lake a chance to fix it, the UW put that responsibility in the hands of DeBoer from Fresno State and his assistant coaches hired from his Mountain West school plus Vanderbilt, Indiana and Purdue.


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