Here are some tracts in Polk County for hunters to take a closer look at

For better or worse, most local hunters are familiar with the Green Swamp, Three Lakes, and Richloam Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) as large swaths of public properties with easy access throughout the deer seasons. These lands afford ample hunting opportunities but little in the way of privacy.

Enter Florida’s limited-entry hunt program. From May 15 through June 15, folks will be able to apply for quota hunts on properties throughout the state. Many of these are on smaller properties and restrict the number of hunters applying pressure on the game.

As you study your application options for the 2022-23 season, here are a few profiled tracts in Polk County that hunters should take a closer look at this summer. Do note, some of these places aren’t easy to draw; it might take years of preference points to pull a permit. And even if you’re successful that does not mean the deer will surrender to the bed of your truck – they all require hard work in order to bring home the meat.

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