John Tucker, the much-loved tennis coach for the Memorial event

6:22 AM April 25, 2022

A special memorial event was held to celebrate the life of a coach who inspired generations of people to play tennis.

John Tucker was founder and head coach for 10 years for the Priory Tennis Club, and more than three years for a professional coach.

He passed away in October last year, at the age of 81 and earlier this year, a special event was held at Priory Community School, Worl, to honor his work in the community.

John’s wife, Char, sons Richard and Graeme and daughter Durinda were all present to pay tribute to his memory, along with other members of the family.

They were joined by others who had been coached by John for years, as well as friends, other coaches and those who had benefited from his tennis career.

A silver birch sapling was planted near the tennis courts in memory of a Weston resident John and several other people who had influenced John on their lives and tennis, including his lifelong friend, fellow coach and former top GB senior squad player, Les Treen.

John’s son Graeme mentioned that at one time all the members of the senior Somerset County team had been coached by his dad.

Friends and relatives pay tribute to Mr Tucker
– Credit: Priory Tennis Club

Former Priory Tennis Club coaches Ben Gray and Rich Gwyn were both coached by John when they became children and later became coaches themselves, so that his influence has spread far and wide and his legacy still continues through others.

The current coach at the Priory Tennis Club for juniors, Simon Holloway, also paid tribute to Benoit, who has been given the benefit of a Simon Rebirth junior section of the club last summer.

John’s family kindly donated some tins of new tennis balls to the club and a trophy to use for the club in a junior summer tournament in August, which is known as the John Tucker Cup.

Other local clubs from Juniors joined Priory Tennis Club juniors on the day.

“John’s vision was to make tennis available for everyone and not just the elite and those with wealth,” said a club spokesperson.

“That’s the current club of ethos and vision at the Priory Tennis Club.

“The club for the junior section of the motto is‘ Aspire to Excel ’and the junior coaching and development for Monday and Friday evenings at the Priory Sports Center.

“We are a friendly social and competitive club who accept all abilities.”

For more information, contact the group via its Facebook page, or through the website, at

John Tucker in Memory of Youngsters Raise Their Rackets

Youngsters raise their rackets in memory of John
– Credit: Priory Tennis Club

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