Morning headlines: Kinahan sporting ‘empire’ expands into rugby world; and gardaí search for gang that joined homophobic attack

Here are the biggest stories on this morning.

Kinahan sporting ‘empire’ expands into rugby, says top garda

The Kinahan Organized Crime Group is extending its reach from boxing to rugby, a senior garda has revealed.

Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll, an investment company linked to the cartel leader, Christy Kinahan Senior, has sponsored a rugby club in Spain. He said he suspected the gang was also involved in other sports.

Gardaí search for gang that ‘joined in’ city-center homophobic attack on Evan Somers

A “marauding gang” joined in a homophobic attack on a young man in Dublin city last weekend after severely beating and hospitalizing another man just minutes earlier, the Sunday Independent can reveal.

Catherine Martin will pay for performers in pubs to help revive the sector

The State will pay for singers, comedians and even jugglers to perform in pubs in an unprecedented attempt to revive arts across the board and in the night-time economy, the Sunday Independent can reveal.

Kinahan cartel living on borrowed time as the net tightens

After last week’s seismic US sanctions announcement, the mob may have run out of places to hide.

Airport got 12,272 noise complaints from one person

One person was responsible for nine in 10 of all complaints about aircraft noise using Dublin Airport last year.

Ryan is ‘ready to concede defeat on turf-cutting ban’ after outcry

Eamon Ryan is preparing to climb down over the proposed ban on the sale and distribution of turf in order to “protect the little guy”.

Heirs and their disgraces laid bare for all to see their

Wills often publicly reflect the highs and lows of private lives – and they can be fascinating, writes Liam Collins.

McConville family raise € 20,000 to Sinn Féin over murder

The public has donated more than € 20,000 to help the family of murdered Belfast woman Jean McConville take civil action against Sinn Féin over her abduction and subsequent killing by the IRA.

Teenager found 750 miles away from home almost three years after he disappeared

A teenager who vanished from California has been found alive and well for almost three years after he disappeared.

Gardaí need better help to cope with the trauma of the job, officers warn Commissioner Drew Harris

The lack of a garda policy on how to help gardaí cope with tragic scenes and the aftermath of extreme violence is causing a “mental health crisis” in the force, mid-ranking gardaí have warned.

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