Muskoka Men’s Basketball League championship results

Main photo: Clear Lake Brewing Company team (back from left) Cole Ruddell, James Hills, Nathan Jenner, Brent Parsons, Ben Fuller, Chris Nikiforuk; (front from left) Lisa Gillan and Jacob Dickinson are Muskoka Men’s Basketball League Champions. Absent: Ryan MacDonald. (supplied)

The Muskoka Men’s Basketball League consists of six teams: Boone Plumbing Ballers, Bracebridge Medical Center Thunder, Clear Lake Brewing Company, Family Place Restaurant & Pizza, Fike Masonry, Frosty Pint Pub, On The Docks Pub, and Raptors 705 Unity Group Financial.

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Friends and family gathered at Huntsville High School to cheer on their favorite teams in the final round playoff action.

In a hard-fought game, Clear Lake Brewing Company beat Raptors 705 Unity Group Financial winning 69 to 52 to become the new 2021-2022 Muskoka Men’s Basketball League Champions!

Week 11

In Round 2 playoff action, Raptors 705 squeaked by Fike Masonry 61 to 60. And Clear Lake Brewing outgunned Boone Plumbing Ballers 66 to 44. Championship game between Clear Lake Brewing and Raptors 705 is Monday, April 25.

Week 10

In Round 1 playoff action Boone Plumbing Ballers outlasted BMC Thunder 60 to 52. Raptors 705 slipped by Family Place Restaurant 39 to 37. Round 2 playoffs continue Monday, April 11.

Week 9

In Muskoka Men’s Basketball League action Raptors 705 bounced Fike Masonry 84 to 59. Family Place Restaurant defeated Clear Lake Brewing 55 to 44. And BMC Thunder outpaced Boone Plumbing Ballers 84 to 65.

Week 8

Games were canceled on Mar. 7. In Muskoka Men’s Basketball League action on Mar. 21, Fike Masonry squeaked by Boone Plumbing 64 to 63. Clear Lake Brewing held off Raptors 705 66 to 59. And BMC Thunder beat Family Place Restaurant 67 to 53.

Week 7

In Muskoka Men’s Basketball League action BMC Thunder outgunned Clear Lake Brewing 84 to 71. Boone Plumbing Ballers fell to Raptors 705 42 to 52. And Fike Masonry beat Family Place Restaurant 65 to 61.

Week 6

In Muskoka Men’s Basketball League action Boone Plumbing Ballers thumped Family Place Restaurant 66 to 37. Raptors 705 beat BMC Thunder 67 to 52. And Clear Lake Brewing fell to Fike Masonry 46 to 57.

Week 5

January games were canceled. Muskoka Men’s Basketball League returned to the hardwood on Feb. 7! Fike Masonry topped BMC Thunder 74 to 50. Raptors 705 beat Family Place Restaurant 71 to 54. And Clear Lake Brewing bounced Boone Plumbing Ballers 63 to 33.

Week 4

Games were canceled for Dec. 6. In Dec. 13 league action, Family Place Restaurant beat BMC Thunder 60 to 53, Fike Masonry fought off Boone Plumbing Ballers 61 to 57, and Clear Lake Brewing outgunned Raptors 705 83 to 73.

Week 3

Muskoka Men’s Basketball League action continued as Raptors 705 outpaced Boone Plumbing Ballers 81 to 58. Fike Masonry beat Family Place Restaurant 51 to 47, and Clear Lake Brewing bounced BMC Thunder 90 to 53.

Week 2

Second week action continued as Boone Plumbing Ballers edged Family Place Restaurant 60 to 56. BMC Thunder outpaced Raptors 705 67 to 56. Fike Masonry lost to Clear Lake Brewing 59 to 70.

Week 1

Muskoka Men’s Basketball League has returned to the hardwood!

In first week action at Huntsville High School, Fike Masonry topped Bracebridge Medical Center Thunder 65 to 52, and Raptors 705 Unity Group Financial fell to Family Place Restaurant & Pizza 68 to 73. At Gravenhurst High School Clear Lake Brewing Company outgunned Boone Plumbing Ballers 71 to 58.

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