“My father baited me into playing basketball!”: ‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich reveals how he got into Basketball and how he stayed motivated

‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich is a name that is etched into history books for being one of the best players ever.

To become the player he was, Pete jumped through hoops of fire. Ever since he was a kid, he watched his father play, and he wanted to too. His father was not a professional NBA player, but he played at the ABA level. “Press” Maravich was also a guard by trade, which is why Pistol too became one of the most famous guards ever.

He spoke at length in an interview about how he became the player he was. His father did not allow him to shoot the ball, even though he badly wanted to. He kept pushing him away, until one day he was allowed. From then on, Pete lived his life with a basketball. He shot the ball constantly, dribbled it everywhere, and even slept with it.

To him, Basketball was not just a game, but a release from reality. When he found out his father could not afford to send him to college, he knew basketball was the only way he could further his ambition. He played 6-10 hours a day, extremely focused on getting through. He finally did, becoming one of the most recognizable faces of the NBA.

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‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich got his nickname because of his style of play – he handled the ball like a bullet

A legend in the college circuit, Pistol Pete was a pioneer in basketball history. Taking shots from 35 feet even before the addition of a 3-point line, Pete was ahead of his time. He could shoot like Larry Bird, and pass like Magic Johnson. His life may have been cut short because of a heart attack, but his stories live on.

He played almost his whole career before the introduction of the 3-point line, with his last season being the year it came into existence. He did not take too many, but he made almost all of them. 10/15 shots from beyond the arc showcased to the world what he truly could have been.

His range of shooting was wise, and his action from the hips is what gave him the moniker “Pistol”. His passes and dribbling style was the highlight of his playstyle though, with him able to pass the ball with bullet-like accuracy. The world got to witness greatness, but only for 17 games.

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