Netflix Drops Trailer For Adam Sandler’s Latest Basketball Movie From LeBron James, And It’s Definitely Not A Comedy

To many, Adam Sandler is an actor, comedian and producer, but his loyal followers likely know that he’s also a massive basketball fan. He’s also a pretty skilled player who’s hooped it up with some of the NBA’s best and has even played with fans. With this, he’s been channelling that love into some of his projects over the past few years, specifically The Safdie Bros. ‘ Uncut Gems, in which he starred alongside hall of famer Kevin Garnett. Now, Sander is prepping the release of his newest basketball film, the Lebron James-produced Hustle. And based on the first trailer released by Netflix, it’s definitely not a comedy.

The film centers on Adam Sandler’s Stanley Sugerman, a scout for the Philadelphia 76ers, who dreams of becoming an NBA head coach. The weary scout spends his days searching for potential talent in different parts of the world. In his travels, he happens upon a young man named Bo Cruz (portrayed by actual NBA professional player NBA player Juancho Hernangómez) in Spain. The troubled young man (who’s a father) shows true potential on the court and Stanley seems set to get him to the states so that he can enter the draft. Check out the trailer below:

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