Previewing Cavs-Nets and the NBA Play-in Matchups

In today’s episode, Michael and Rohan preview all four play-in games with a deep dive into some individual matchups, strategic advantages and key X factors. Should Brooklyn worry about its porous defense against a team that has Darius Garland? Will Evan Mobley defend Kevin Durant?

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Michael Pina: We’ve been waiting for a Nets play-In game I feel like for months. They get the seven seeds, so they will host the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Kyrie Irving can play so congratulations to the Nets organization for handling this brilliantly throughout the past six months. They got what they want, I suppose. And I think that’s our heavy favorites in this game. And I don’t know how close it’s necessarily going to be. Their last matchup was actually kind of competitive without Jarett Allen and basically Durant played 41 minutes, Kyrie played 40 minutes. Is that just the strategy? Is that just the Brooklyn strategy from this point on? Steve Nash is just like, Our defense is going to be terrible no matter what. They gave up what, like 120-something to the Pacers and in a pretty important game. It was just like these guys can’t stop TJ McConnell in a pick-and-roll. But is their strategy in this game, does it boil down to: We’re just going to play Kevin Durant 47 minutes and Kyrie Irving 45 minutes. Is that basically what is it?


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