Rugby streaker Javon Jackson dumped by boyfriend: ‘Disgrace’

A rugby fan who was brutally tackled by security for invading the pitch in her bra during the Parramatta Eels’ win over the Gold Coast Titans on Saturday, took another L after the streaking stunt.

According to, Titans fan Javon Johnson said his boyfriend broke up with her after she ran the field in just her bra and a pair of jeans during the Australian league game.

Johnson reportedly took to social media to share news about the stunt, and posted a screenshot of a text message from her boyfriend:

“You’re an idiot and a disgrace. Thank you for an absolute embarrassment. Don’t try to contact me. ”

According to, Johnson re-posted the streaking video to TikTok, with the caption, “When your man doesn’t come to the footy but wakes up to this…”

Before she invaded the pitch, Johnson reportedly posted a TikTok video sitting in the stands, saying, “One of my actual biggest goals in life has been to actually just run on the football field and I’m doing this, ready? I’m going to. ”

Javon Johnson is taken from the field by security guards.
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Johnson hopped the fence and took off across the field after the Eels scored to take a 24-16 lead in the 72nd minute of the match. After she was tackled by security, some social media critics argued that the takedown appeared too tough.

“There needs to be a review of what happened. “From where I was sitting it did seem heavy-handed,” Gold Coast chairman Dennis Watt told The Daily Telegraph. “It could have been handled better. You heard this collective intake of breath around the ground. It did seem over the top and it put the intruder at real physical risk. ”

“I got what I deserved,” Johnson told Seven News in Australia. “He [the security guard] was doing his job. ”

In a separate interview with Tammy Barker & Bodge for Breakfast, via, Johnson said, “I know exactly what I did. It’s been a bucket list thing and when your friends say, ‘I dare you to do it’, you don’t actually think you’re going to do it. It was such a surreal, out-of-body experience.

Javon Johnson
Javon Johnson is taken from the field by security guards.
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“It’s the adrenaline of the crowd… I used to play AFL and rugby and I have three brothers, so getting tackled was not a problem,” she said. “The tackle was honestly fine, it was more how much air I got. I guess it just looks so much worse. He could have just grabbed me at that time and I would have fallen over. I think it’s fair play. I definitely took what I deserved. He should keep his job. ”

The Titans said in a statement that they are “working with Cbus Super Stadium and their security provider to get a full understanding of the incident and we will have a report from the venue in the coming days”.


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