Skyrim Companion Tier List

There are plenty of followers for the Last Dragonborn to recruit in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – from loyal housecarls to paid mercenaries, and even random civilians who’ve been bested at a brawl. Of course, some companions fare much better than others, and it’d benefit the player to know which is which.

Skyrim companions are categorized based on their leveling and combat ability. Followers with higher level caps are generally seen as better than those with lower ones, especially for the late game. Their specialties will also be considered, as these attributes affect their prowess in battle. Followers with interesting personalities will typically be ranked higher, but this will only be secondary to the more practical factors. Finally, not all followers in Skyrim will be included, only focusing on the unique characters and most memorable companions.


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Durak – Should the player side with the vampire hunters in Skyrim’s Danwguard DLC, Durak will become available as a follower after the quest “Prophet.” With no level cap and specializing in archery, he’s an excellent ranged follower. Plus, he has the Extra Damage perk, multiplying his attack output by 1.5.

Frea – When the player progresses through enough of the main questline of Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC, Frea can be convinced to become a follower. Like Durak, she has no level cap. Frea is arguably one of the best followers in the gam; aside from specializing in one-handed combat, she also excels at Restoration magic and can thus heal herself in the thick of battle.

J’zargo – Upon entering the college, J’zargo can be recruited after completing the quest “J’zargo’s Experiment.” The Skyrim Khajiit mage also has no level cap and specializes in Destruction and Illusion magic, favoring lightning-based spells. Additionally, he has high health that regenerates quickly, making him a hardy follower.

Ralis Sedarys – Ralis can be recruited after completing the quest “Unearthed” (assuming the player spares him). Though he has a level cap of 60, he’s still one of the strongest followers in Skyrim. Specializing in one-handed combat, he wields Hoarfrost – a Nordic pickaxe with extra frost damage and slow effects. He usually dual-wields with another pickaxe, and with the Dual Flurry perk, his attacks are much faster than normal dual-wielding NPCs. Finally, he has the Extra Damage perk, like Durak, but the multiplier is bumped up to 2 instead of just 1.5.

Teldryn Sero – Teldyrn is one of the most effective spellswords in the game, specializing in both one-handed combat and Destruction magic. He’s also the only follower with the Armsman perk, which boosts one-handed attack damage. Finally, he can summon atronachs and heal himself in battle, making him both durable and powerful as a companion.


Cicero – If spared in Skyrim’s “The Cure for Madness” quest, Cicero can be recruited as a follower and has a level cap of 50. Though loved by many players for his humorous comments, Cicero also has a high sneak skill, and is decent in wielding both daggers and bows . However, his default outfit has no defense, so it would be worth giving him better armor.

Marcurio – Though Marcurio has a level cap of 40, he’s a powerful mage, specializing in Destruction and Restoration spells. His combat ability is also bolstered by a number of perks, such as Augmented Shock, Mage Armor, and Recovery.

Mjoll the Lioness – Like Marcurio, Mjoll’s level cap is 40. However, she specializes in heavy armor and two-handed combat – both of which are further improved by her perks. These include specific perks that boost her damage with all two-handed weapons as well as Tower of Strength, which makes her less likely to stagger when she’s in heavy armor.

Serana – A memorable Skyrim companion for her more well-rounded character, Serana specializes primarily in sneak skills but is also proficient in Conjuration magic. She’s able to raise the corpses of powerful enemies and can dual-wield the Vampiric Drain and Ice Spike spells, making her a powerful mage ally.

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A’alaa – Aela’s level cap is 50, and she specializes in archery, light armor, and sneaking. She has no special perks, but she is decent with a bow. Aela is also an expert marksman trainer, making it easier for the player to get archery training in Skyrim.

Similar companion / s: Faendal

Lydia – With a level cap of 50, Lydia of Skyrim specializes in heavy armor and one-handed combat, but is also proficient with a bow. This makes her a decent for early- and mid-game playthroughs, but not in the late game, when she stops leveling with the player.

Similar companion / s: Jenassa, Kharjo

Vilkas – Like Aela, Vilkas’ level is capped at 50. He specializes in Skyrim’s two-handed combat and heavy armor, but has no special perks. That said, he’s a master two-handed trainer, allowing the player easy access to two-handed training.

Similar companion / s: Celann, Ingjard, Uthgerd the Unbroken

Eola – Eola’s level is capped at 30, but she’s nonetheless a strong mage for the early to mid-game. She specializes in Destruction magic and sneaking but can also summon atronachs or heal in battle. She also has perks that boost her Destruction magic damage, plus Mage Armor and Recovery, among others. She can also help the player become a cannibal in Skyrimif that interests the player.

Similar companion / s: Brelyna Maryon, Illia, Onmund


Cosnach – With a level cap of 30, Cosnach is a pretty unremarkable follower. He specializes in heavy armor and one-handed combat (though he has light armor equipped). Plus, like all drunks in the game, the player can offer him a drink.

Similar companion / s: Agmaer, Beleval

Farkas – Farkas is surprisingly low on this list specifically because of his specializations. Though his level is capped at 50, his best skills are smithing and speech, which do not do much in battle. The only upside is that he can train the player in heavy armor.

Sven – Similar to Farkas, Sven’s specializations do not help much in combat. He’s proficient at alchemy, enchanting, and smithing, but he also has a low level cap of 20. Even worse, he’s known to flee in combat.

Similar companion / s: Adelaisa Vendicci, Roggi Knot-Beard

Skyrim is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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