Strong ugly outbursts after the Shock announcement

Tennis body ATP have a review of player behavior after a number of incidents and outbursts, which have been headlined by Nick Kyrgios (pictured left) and Alexander Zverev (pictured right) in 2022. (Images: Getty Images / Twitter)

The ATP has said it will undergo a review of its punishment Headlines made for the 2022 season at the beginning of a number of on-court cases after bad behavior for players.

Continuing throwing racquets or confronting the chair for lenient claims has led to a huge argument in 2022 that stricter sanctions have been handed down for tennis experts.

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One such incident involved a perceived lenient punishment to World No.3 Alexander Zverev.

In Acapulco, the German confronted the chair umpire after the match and proceeded to smash his racquet against the podium.

The ATP handed out a suspended eight-week ban and fined $ 25,000, after Zverev apologized for the ‘unacceptable’ behavior.

One week later at Indian Wells, Nick Kyrgios caused a stir when his racquet ricocheted near a ball kid at the end of his Indian Wells match.

Kyrgios also apologized for the incident, which also involved smashing a racquet during the match.

The Aussie was also fined for his outburst at the Miami Open.

A number of other causes also a stir at the Miami Open.

Recently, leading tennis reporter Ben Rothenberg said players need to stop throwing their racquets at the risk of hitting someone on or near the court.

Alexander Zverev (pictured) speaks to the media at Indian Wells.

Many fans think that Alexander Zverev (pictured) has been shuld be handed over to an outlier for his outburst in Acapulco. (Photo by Matthew Stockman / Getty Images)

“Tennis players, PLEASE stop launching projectiles with no regard for other people on the court,” he wrote.

“And the tennis authorities, PLEASE start taking this message so that players get the message. Shouldn’t take an eventual, inevitable grievous injury.”

ATP call for review in player behavior sanctions

Since a number of high-profile cases, ATP chairman Andrea Gaudenzi has called for an internal review of judging on-court behavior.

“Effective immediately and as we head into the clay court swing, the ATP officiating team has been directed to take a stricter stance on the conduct of judicial violations,” an internal memo read.

“Additionally, we are also undertaking a review of the code, as well as disciplinary processes, to ensure that appropriate and up-to-date penalties for serious violations and repeat offenders.”

Jannik Sinner in Miami against his match during umpire Carlos Bernardes with Nick Kyrgios (pictured) argues.

Jannik Sinner in Miami against his match during umpire Carlos Bernardes with Nick Kyrgios (pictured) argues. (Photo by TPN / Getty Images)

Gaudenzi added that there has been an extraordinary number of initiatives to begin the 2022 season, which will reflect well on the sport.

“We all have a role to play and uphold the reputation and integrity of our sport,” he added.

“Unsportsmanlike conduct of high-profile cases of abnormal frequency seen in the first three months of the season.

“This is the sport that shines a bad light on us. This behavior affects everyone, and sends the wrong message to our fans, especially young fans.”

Kyrgios still remains one of the sport’s biggest attractions due to his blockbuster matches.

The Aussie did announce he won’t be taking part 2022 in the clay court season.

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