Stroud sports new helmet for spring practices

Ohio State sophomore quarterback CJ Stroud (7) looks down the field during spring practice March 29. Credit: Mackenzie Shanklin | Photo Editor

The Buckeyes’ First Team All-Big Ten quarterback has a change in his helmet for spring practice.

Redshirt sophomore quarterback CJ Stroud traded in his old helmet for the Riddell Axiom. The new, top-of-the-line football helmet was officially introduced Jan. 5, including smarter technology and a reinvented face mask that gives the athlete a clearer view of the field, according to Riddell’s website.

Stroud said he enjoys the different look of the helmet and what it gives him in the realm of safety.

“I think my health is more important than how it looks. I don’t want to ever suffer from a concussion, ”Stroud said. “It’s like an astronaut look. I think it’s a cool thing. ”

Head coach Ryan Day said the new helmets are still in the trial phase and the program will let players give them a test run like other pieces of equipment.

“I know they try to get that same thing with some of the cleats,” Day said. “We’ll give a couple guys a couple different pairs of cleats to see how that reacts to their feet.”

Freshman quarterback Devin Brown said he hasn’t changed to the Axiom helmet yet but will wear whatever works best for him.

“I’m not a big flashy guy, so whatever is comfortable and whatever I can see out of,” Brown said.

Other players seen trying out the new Axiom helmet include sophomores running back TreVeyon Henderson and wide receiver Emeka Egbuka.

Although Stroud said he’s caught some flack about the style of the helmet, he said he enjoys standing out from the typical look.

“It’s kind of odd-looking, which I like. I’m not always looking to be normal, ”Stroud said. “Just watch, in two years or a year, everybody is going to be wearing that helmet, and nobody is going to be talking mess anymore.”


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