Utah Jazz should not trade Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert

Nothing exposes the thin line between success and failure like the NBA playoffs. An ill-timed turnover, and Chris Paul can turn from the Point God into the Point Goat. An unfortunate flailing of the arm, and the Warriors can go from the greatest team ever to the greatest meme ever. And in the case of the 2022 Utah Jazz, a wide-open three can mean either a gutsy, season-saving win or an offseason filled with difficult questions.

The Jazz’s season ended Thursday, as Bojan Bogdanovic’s clanked three as time expired in Game 6 allowed the Mavericks to clinch their first-round series. Utah has been the subject of giddy conversation all season. Can Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert really play together? Who can the team get back for them in trades if they blow it up? Is Rudy more expendable? Or is Donovan really the problem? Oh, and is Quin Snyder going to coach the Lakers instead?


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