World Rugby warned men would hurt women, but a high school league allowed it to happen anyway

A biological male who was allowed to play against women in high school rugby injected three girls on the other team. This is entirely unsurprising, given that the sport’s world governing body explicitly warned about letting men compete against women.

The transgender athlete playing for Guam High School’s rugby team injured three girls from Tiyan High School in the season-opening match, according to the opposing coach. Conrad Kerber, who coaches Tiyan’s boys and girls teams, said that “the aggressive nature that was witnessed clearly showed that it’s a definite issue that we have to deal with.”

Of course, having a man compete against women in any sport is obviously unfair. In rugby, a contact sport, it is dangerous. Everyone implicitly understands this, but World Rugby went a step further and studied this exact question, producing a report in 2020 that made it clear just how dangerous political correctness in rugby is.

World Rugby’s study found that female players who were tackled by men had a 20% -30% increased risk of injury. Men, on average, are “stronger by 25% -50%, are 30% more powerful, 40% heavier, and about 15% faster” than their female counterparts.

The World Rugby report also determined that the International Olympic Committee’s guidelines, which allow men to compete against women if their testosterone is below an arbitrary threshold, were “not fit for the purpose” because there are only small reductions in strength and no loss in bone mass or muscle volume or size after testosterone suppression. ”

For some reason, a high school rugby league determined that it knew better than the sports-world governing body when it came to the safety of high school girls playing the sport. So, in the name of political correctness and “gender affirmation,” a boy was allowed to inject girls, and will certainly inject more if this is allowed to continue during the season. It is unacceptable and irresponsible, and the officials who allowed it to happen should all be forced to answer for their failures.


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